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2021 VHA Inet report

2022- Wareologie Year in Review

Wareologie has made significant strides in 2022. It took a village of dedicated, hands-on team members and advisors to move so quickly. We are grateful for the opportunity to improve rehabilitation access with the world’s 1st portable parallel bars on wheels.

Portable Parallel Bars performance & features were optimized and exceeded all expectations. The FDA Class 1 mobile device, was created under contract with VHA clinicians through a unique human-centered design collaboration known as the Greenhouse Initiative. The bars have been designed to serve quarantined patients and those challenged to stand in settings such as acute care, ICU, rehab facilities, and at-home to improve patient health outcomes and potentially workplace safety.

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Wareologie featured by the Disability Network Eastern Michigan

The Disability Network of Eastern Michigan invited Wareologie to demonstrate the Portable Parallel Bars for their YouTube Channel in December. We were joined by Cheryl Angelelli, who has an incomplete spinal cord injury and stands as part of her daily exercise routine. In the video, Cheryl demonstrates standing, balancing, and walking using our Portable Parallel Bars. The interview was conducted by Jeffrey Astrein, Community Education and Outreach Specialist at Disability Network Eastern Michigan.
After demonstrating standing, walking, and balancing using the Wareologie Portable Parallel Bars, Cheryl spoke about the bars saying:

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A Ware Above the Rest

For people with short- or long-term physical limitations, everyday activities can feel daunting. Tasks like buttoning a shirt, clipping nails, or using a key may be completely unachievable without assistance–resulting in a loss of dignity, confidence, and time.

Enter Wareologie, an organization that believes people should have greater access to physical rehabilitation and devices that make everyday tasks easier. We spoke with Wareologie founder and chief executive Gina Adams about her passion for creating devices that shorten recovery time, improve safety, and restore independence during self-care and home management tasks….

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Using Tools in a New Way, Parallel Bars in the ICU

Ideally equipment used for bedside mobilization should be: 1) intuitive for both the patient and all staff 2) promote normal functional movement 3) give both the patient and clinician confidence that they can mobilize safely 4) easily sanitized and moveable 5) take up little space.

The Covid pandemic illuminated the problem of the lack of stable and accessible options for patients to be seen bedside for their and staff protection.

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Wareologie is on the road!

Wareologie Portable Parallel Bars were created and manufactured during the pandemic. Now we are taking the bars on the road to conferences, expos and trade shows. Please check out our Fall 2022 schedule and schedule your own personal meeting with our team members.

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Wareologie: Finding Innovative Solutions in Changing Times

AgeTech Collaborative™ startup participant Wareologie is on a mission to help people who are recovering from surgery or facing a degenerative illness regain self-confidence and dignity through a variety of innovative solutions.

Wareologie’s founder and CEO, Gina Adams, spent some time describing the company’s holistic approach to helping others, and how they faced the challenges of COVID-19.

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