Easy Grip Adaptive Keywing Triple Set

Adaptive Keywing Triple Set 

Makes gripping keys easier.



Adaptive Easy Grip Keywing Triple Set


Use keys easily to help unlock and open doors. This award-winning design offers a simple solution to the problem of using Yale Keys which have a small surface area making them difficult to grip and turn.  The Keywing clips over the key to provide a much wider finger contact area which improves grip and leverage when turning.  Comes in Blue, Pink & Green Colors, allowing the user to color-code their keys and find the right one the first time, every time.

Note: Key mold is not included


The key simply slides through the Keywing which has anti-slip gel pads to maintain key position.  The Keywing uses steel hinges to fold back on itself then clips together ready to use.


  • Increases size of key
    Easier to grip and provides leverage for turning
  • Bright colors available
    Easy to find
  • Tactile bumps
    Stops fingers slipping
  • Made from Nylon
    Warm to touch even in extreme cold
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 3.5 × 0.25 in


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