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We are Wareologie

Imagine a medical equipment company that increases the independence of people with physical limitations or recovering from surgery to empower people to age in place. That is the mission behind Wareologie.

Some dependence is short-term, and some limitations will last the rest of a person’s life. Wareologie seeks to mitigate the effects of rehabilitation challenges by developing products through user-experience collaborations with those we serve. Technology reduces many of these challenges, allowing people to complete tasks easier and faster. The technology must be accessible, and affordable. That is where we come in.

At Wareologie, we are creating devices that shorten recovery time, improve safety, and restore independence during self-care and home management tasks. The first product Wareologie created was Buttons 2 Button. The Magnetic Shirt Button Adaptors are a dressing aid to help dress independently.

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The first pivotal moment came in the summer of 2020 when the Wareologie team learned how many people were unable to receive rehabilitation due to widespread Covid isolation precautions. A skilled nursing facility reported residents were unable to leave their rooms for therapy because of the risk of infection during virus outbreaks. In fact, millions of physical therapy appointments are missed annually for numerous reasons including lack of access.
This delayed therapy or inadequate rehabilitation can lead to decreased function, longer recovery times, and medical complications. We knew there had to be a way to bring therapy equipment to patients when they couldn’t get to the therapy gym – and Portable Parallel Bars™ were born.

Wareologie is not simply selling equipment to people – any company can do that. Wareologie is on a mission to create new solutions to current pain points. We empower people living with physical limitations in the process.

Meet our founder

Creating Adaptive and Rehabilitation Equipment with Purpose

Gina Adams, the founder of Wareologie, saw her stepfather struggling with the simple task of buttoning his shirts as Parkinson’s Disease slowly reduced his movement. Throughout the progression of her stepfather’s illness, she saw the problems that millions of Americans with physical limitations face every day.
Witnessing her father struggle and search for adaptive equipment to help him maintain his independence inspired her to create Wareologie.

Gina Adams, the founder of Wareologie.