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Safe Early Mobilization

Portable Parallel Bars; An Interdisciplinary Mobile Tool

Patient hospital falls, and clinician injuries have created a healthcare crisis costing hospitals and providers over $34 billion annually. Clinicians administering manual therapy, transfers, and lifts represent represent the majority of workforce injury. Ninety million physical therapy sessions are missed annually due to lack of access to treatment. Delayed therapy compounds medical complications, patient suffering, extending hospital stays, and costs.

A prestigious contract by the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) led to a groundbreaking mobile tool designed to address the critical problem and administer mobilization therapy sooner and safer. 

Our Solution: Portable Parallel Bars on wheels. The interdisciplinary tool delivers treatment directly to the patient. The FDA Class 1, patent-pending design folds-up in less than 1 minute and has 3″ wheels to easily move from patient to patient. The durable, 5′ long device holds up to 600 lbs. allowing patients to stand, balance and gait train with confidence. The height and width adjust to accommodate pediatric to adult patients.

An Innovative Physical Therapy Solution

Portable Parallel Bars Designed with Hard Working Therapists in Mind

Parallel bars are an integral part of physical rehabilitation therapy for independent weight bearing to advance patient outcomes. Patient transfer techniques such as stand pivot transfers rely on multiple staff and can be precarious. Providing support and stability to the patient, as well as you, the therapist improves muscle recovery and overall patient satisfaction. Wareologie™ Portable Parallel Bars are a revolutionary FDA device designed to facilitate ambulation earlier in recovery in the privacy and convenience of your patient’s room  – supporting national patient safety goals.

Designed as an interdisciplinary tool to be used in a variety of settings including pediatric physical therapy, spine and sport physical therapy, amputee therapy, stroke, and neurological physical therapy.

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Dr. Therese Jamison, DNP, ACNP-BC ICU Nurse

Ascension Health, Detroit and Founding Director for Lawrence Technological University’s School of Nursing

Cheryl Angelelli, Marketing Director Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan

 4-time US Paralympic Medalist, World Record Holder, Athletes with Disabilities Hall of Fame inductee and co-founder of Dance Mobility