Portable Parallel Bars™

Portable Parallel Bars™ for Physical Therapy
Portable Parallel Bars™ bring physical therapy treatment to patients anywhere. Wareologie parallel bars fold in minutes, transport on wheels, and have a sturdy, 600 lb. weight capacity.


Portable Parallel Bars™ for Physical Therapy
Mobile therapy on wheels delivers physical therapy treatments safely anywhere

Parallel bars are an integral part of rehabilitation providing support and stability to the patients, as well as the therapists. Rehabilitation clinicians depend on parallel bars to facilitate early mobility therapy  to improve outcomes by helping people gain strength and stability.

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Patent-pending Portable Parallel Bars™ Revolutionize Mobile Therapy

Wareologie, LLC has created a new medical device for rehabilitation that addresses both patient and clinician needs to improve safety and save time. Portable Parallel Bars™, revolutionize physical therapy bringing the device to the patient’s hospital bedside or home and enables them to stand with less assistance from physical and occupational therapists.

Getting to the rehabilitation clinics is challenging if not impossible. Designed in collaboration with VA clinicians, the device folds and has wheels for easy transporting. Ideal for acute care, amputee, or SCI hospital clinics, skilled nursing, and for home healthcare; where it can be impossible to be transported to rehab gym. Clinicians can now safely get people moving sooner and safer in the privacy and convenience of patient’s room. Reduce potential compounding issues related to immobility and shorten length of stay.

The Portable Parallel Bars are designed for Amputee, Spinal Cord Injury, Acute Care, Stroke Recovery, Prosthetic, Strengthening, Hip Fracture, Knee Replacement, and Post Surgery patients. The compact design work perfectly in small spaces and stores conveniently out of the way in an equipment closet.

Portable Parallel Bars™ is a FDA Registered Class 1 Exempt device.

Portable Parallel Bars™:

PORTABLE – Wheels for easy transport
SAFE – Patients can bear their own weight
SAVE TIME – Set up and takedown in less than 1 minute
SAVE SPACE – Folds into compact, light design to store out of the way
DURABLE – 600 lbs. maximum weight load
STEP ACCESSORY – For patients to practice stairs
LIGHTWEIGHT – 65 lbs. (significantly lighter than stationary parallel bars at +130 lbs.
ADJUSTABLE – Adjustable height and width to accommodate patients
COMPACT – Folded, the device is 1′ x 2′ x 5′ (fits in a hatchback of a car)
MADE WITH –  Aerospace aluminum, heavy duty outriggers for support, length – 5ft

Dimensions Extended: 5’L x 2.5’W x ranges from 2-5’H

Dimensions Folded: 5’L x 1’W x 2.5′ H

Lightweight yet superior durability. Built to withstand 600 lbs. Patients “feel” safe and confident to take first recovery steps.

Adjustable to accommodate small children to large adults.   The entire device sets up and takes down in minutes making them the perfect mobile rehab device to move from patient to patient quickly and efficiently. Service patients in the safety and privacy of their room or home. Eliminate staff demands and time spent transporting patients to the gym.

Clinicians are happy to finally have a device that enables patients to bear their own weight reducing personal strain or injury. This revolutionary mobile device benefits patients, clinicians, and the healthcare system.

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The Portable Parallel Bars are a perfect addition to the existing line of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) products such as Stair Climber, Lift belts, and Therapy tables.

Weight 49.9 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 19 × 25 in


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